What we do

An elderly white man wo receives supports sitting next to his DSP who is African American. They are drinking water, smiling, and talking.

We work closely with organizations to develop and implement workforce strategies that reduce turnover; attract, recruit and retain qualified talent; and engage and prepare their workforce to deliver high-quality services. Our services include:

  • a comprehensive assessment of workforce data
  • a review of organizational capacity and processes
  • an analysis of recruitment, selection and retention practices
  • in-depth training and technical assistance for leadership, supervisors and direct support staff
  • an evaluation of outcomes

We begin by explaining our process so you can select the services that best meet your organization’s needs. 

Step one getting started, step two discovery, step three action planning and implementation, step 4 evaluation and monitoring

 In the discovery phase, we gather information to understand your organization’s policies, practices, and culture concerning the direct support workforce. This process includes conducting surveys, self-assessments, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, document review, and a communications audit.

Based on analysis of findings from the discovery process, we develop an action plan and implement data, organizational capacity, recruitment, training, retention, and policy strategies. This includes consulting and coaching sessions and may include development of workforce products, such as public service announcements, a customized realistic job preview, a targeted recruiting plan, an employee training and development plan, and more.

Strategy implementation is evaluated with planning for long-term monitoring of progress. This may include an annual survey, ongoing training and consultation, participation in a community of practice, and a data dashboard subscription.

two men and two women meeting and discussing data

“When it comes to direct support workforce issues, the Institute on Community Integration (ICI) at the University of Minnesota has literally written the book. As the leading research center on the I/DD workforce, they have, over decades,  provided the tools for advocacy and change that result in measurable solutions. Using their  research-tested  methods, ICI supports organizations  in developing  effective strategies that address long-standing workforce challenges.”

~ Joe Macbeth, CEO of the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals

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