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Direct Support Workforce Solutions offers SupportWise Data, a tool for organizations to track, analyze and improve workforce recruitment and retention.

SupportWise Data makes it easy for organizations to input and analyze key workforce data at select intervals, helping them to identify strengths and challenges and measure the effectiveness of their interventions in improving recruitment and retention. Data collection is scalable and can meet the needs of large and complex organizations. Key metrics are calculated automatically, including cost of turnover, cost of overtime hours, average tenure, turnover ratio, and vacancy rates.

SupportWise Data allows you to see your organization’s data graphically and compare your results to key National Core Indicator (NCI-IDD)© State of the Workforce (SotW) benchmarks.

Data collected:

  • Workforce Demographics: Full and part-time employees, gender, race, age, marital status, veteran status, disability status.
  • Tenure and Vacancy, all and full-time versus part-time: employment status, turnover ratio, early turnover (within the first six months), percent of voluntary versus involuntary termination, vacancy rate, average tenure, 13+ month tenure.
  • Wages and Overtime, all and full-time and part-time: average starting wage, average wage, cost of overtime hours, wage augmentations (bonuses and incentives).
  • Benefits & Utilization Rates: paid time off, vacation time, sick time, health and dental insurance (cost and coverage), flexible work hours, paid holidays, retirement plans, short and long-term disability insurance, paid tuition and/or educational financial support, childcare, discounts, health club memberships and wellness programs, other voluntary benefits.
  • Stayers: gender, race, age group, marital status, veteran status, and disability status by tenure groups and referral/recruitment source.
  • Cost of Turnover

To learn more about SupportWise Data, please e-mail us